The Research Center Borstel is a family-friendly employer

audit berufundfamilie

The Research Center Borstel (FZB) actively promotes a better
work-life balance.

For us, family is wherever people take care of one another and assume social responsibility (eg nursing and assistance) not only for immediate family members, spouses , natural children and parents, but also for non-marital or same-sex partners  and for non-biological children.
We want to ensure that (i) women and men are equally involved in scientific research and clinical service (ii) a gender and family perspective is incorporated into all work disciplines, and (iii) financial resources of the Center are also used to promote equality.

To achieve these goals, we have done a lot, here is part of it:


  • take care of new employees through good introductory training and an informative Welcome Session for new colleagues.
  • conduct regular employee meetings, so that we know which areas require attention.
  • provide for employees whenever it is possible: flexible working hours, home- office arrangements, the use of a parent-child -office and flexible  work schedules adapted to individual life stages  
  • continue our education in a family-friendly cooperative spirit.
  • operate on campus a needs-based day-care center for children between the ages of 9 weeks and 12 years.
  • promote the health of our employees, by offering an internal occupational health service and by co-financing a wide range of health-promoting interventions.
  • advise and assist colleagues who provide home care for a family member.

We even got that in writing!

Since 2010 we have been repeatedly awarded with the certificate "auditberuf und familie".


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