Research Data

Primary research data represent the raw product of all scientific work, especially in biomedical research. Based on these data, further analyses are performed and they form the basis for subsequent interpretations developed in the context of various primary data sets.

The discourse in the scientific community, which is indispensable for the progress in science, is initiated by the publication of research data and the interpretations developed consequentially. Ensuring the quality of publications according to the rules of good scientific practice (institute agreement “Self-regulation in science” at the FZB) is thus of central importance for ensuring scientific progress.

The Research Center Borstel has enacted regulations for safeguarding published primary research data, which is intended to ensure the verifiability of published data and to prevent scientific misconduct. The binding rules for the documentation of published primary research data ensure a uniform procedure at the FZB and enable a review of published primary research data.

Laboratory Notebook

GWP Laborbuch

To ensure a uniform quality standard for the documentation of research data, the Research Center Borstel has introduced a binding institutional laboratory notebook and rules for the documentation.






Central Data Archive


The FZB has launched a central electronic archiving of primary research data for all publications. Authors are obliged to archive all primary data generated at the FZB to ensure their permanent safeguard and storage. Publications are to be documented with exact references to the underlying data sets (documentation of data processing, preproduction of data, exact information of the archiving location of the primary data with a definite allocation of primary research data to illustrations, tables and data-based text statements of a publication). The original data are electronically stored and transferred to the central electronic archiving system