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Diagnostic Mycobacteriology

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Diagnostic procedures:

  • Susceptibility testing of second line drugs
  • Evaluation of line probe assays
  • Evaluation of a immunochromatographic test for identification of TB-bacteria
  • Evaluation and precision study of a direct test for detection of TB-bacteria and RMP resistance
  • Effectiveness of Mycobacteria Growth Indicator Tube (MGIT) for Detection of Pulmonary Tuberculosis and Drug Susceptibility Testing (DST) in High PDR/MDR TB Burden Countries
  • Research on new mechanisms responsible for resistance against EMB

Epidemiological studies:

  • on all drug resistant M. tuberculosis isolates from Germany
  • on all culture positive TB cases from Hamburg, Hannover, Frankfurt, Schleswig-Holstein, and Baden-Württemberg

Surveillance in ‚high-incidence’ countries:

  • Study on the development of resistances and the spread of MDR strains in Uzbekistan
  • TB-Surveillance in Armenia and Azerbaijan

Further projects:

  • Establishment of a network for external quality control for second line drug testing (Baltic Nordic TB-Laboratory Network; EU)
  • Analysis of the effectivity of disinfectants against mycobacteria
  • Analysis of the activity of new drugs against mycobacteria
  • Research network on susceptibility and resistance against infection with non tuberculous mycobacteria