Our Mission

The Borstel Research Center is the Lung Research Center of the Leibniz Association. It investigates diseases associated with civilization such as asthma and COPD as well as lung infections, especially tuberculosis (TB). The overriding goal of the basically interdisciplinary and translational research activities is to elucidate the causes and mechanisms of infectious and non-infectious chronic inflammatory diseases of the lung in order to derive new innovative concepts for their prevention, diagnosis and therapy.


Leibniz Lung Center - Two priority research areas, translationally linked to a medicine topics, focus on the control (CONTROL) and treatment (CARE) of civilization-associated and infectious lung diseases. PRACLD, priority research area chronic lung diseases; PRAI, priority research area infections.


The Leibniz Lung Centre in keywords:

  • Focus Lung: excellent research for healthy breathing
  • Leading Institute for Tuberculosis and Asthma Research in Germany
  • Interdisciplinarity, best minds, unique expertise, state-of-the-art technology
  • Translation: research for society, for patients
  • Commitment in alliances with universities and non-university institutions
  • Internationality: capacity building, partner laboratories, guest researchers
  • Center Culture: good scientific practice, transparency, participation
  • Continuous further training: reliable career development for all employees
  • Sustainability: responsible ethical action at all levels
  • Compatibility of work and family life, gender equality

The FZB stands for cooperative excellence with relevance for lung health. A short synopsis about our achievements in the past years can be found here: synopsis