Press Releases 2022

Documentary: Tuberculosis - Disease in the luggage

Tuberculosis (TB) is the most common fatal bacterial infectious disease worldwide. In Germany, however, it occurs very rarely and is therefore often not recognised or only recognised late. How and where do you contract TB? What are the symptoms? What are the chances of recovery?

The Film "Tuberculosis - the disease in your luggage" by Christian Hornung and Anke Petersen from Hamburg and Mihai Dragolea from Bucharest, which was made as part of the project "RoGer-TB", aims to educate people about the disease and contributes to ending its stigmatisation. 

The focus is on the topic of TB among migrants. The story of two patients is described in a very touching way. Grigore-Gabriel, who came to Germany from Romania looking for work and then fell ill with tuberculosis, and Caleb, a student from Nigeria who studied in Ukraine and fell ill there when war broke out. "If you say you had tuberculosis, everyone stays away from you. Except your loved ones," tells Grigore-Gabriel. "Most people who contract tuberculosis have done nothing more than breathe in the wrong place at the wrong time," says Prof. Dr. Christoph Lange from the Borstel Research Centre.  

The RoGer-TB project is an initiative of the Research Centre Borstel, together with the Robert Koch Institute and the German Central Committee for the Control of Tuberculosis with funding from the GHP programme of the Federal Ministry of Health. The cooperation with the Marius Nasta Institute of Pulmonology Romania and the National Public Health Institute in Romania strengthens the fight against tuberculosis in both countries.