Priority Research Area Chronic Lung Diseases

Pulmonary Immune Diseases

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Ministry of Education and Science (BMBF)

  • Member of Deutsches Zentrum für Lungenforschung (DZL), Airway Research Center North (ARCN): 1. Disease Area Asthma/Allergy; 2. Disease Area Pulmonary Hypertension2022

German Research Foundation (DFG)

  • Generation and characterization of an antibody-based mouse model of systemic sclerosis, (2019-2022)
  • Exzellenz Cluster: Precision Medicine in Chronic Inflammation (PMI), (2019 - 2025)
  • RI 056/11 “Generierung und Charakterisierung eines Antikörper-basierten Mausmodells für die systemische Sklerose”
  • Research Training Group RTG 1727 “Modulation of Autoimmunity”; Project B6: Pathomechanisms in experimental systemic sclerosis
  • International Research Training Group IRTG 1911 “Immunoregulation of Inflammation in Allergy and Infection” Project A5: The role of small GTPases Cdc42 and Rap1b in neutrophil transmigration, adhesion, and proteolytic tissue damage in chronic obstructive lung disease
  • Research Training Group RTG 2633 “Autoimmune Pre-Disease”; Project B3: Controlling autoimmune-mediated disease manifestations in the lung by targeting Th2 cytokines in a novel mouse model of systemic sclerosis