Priority Research Area Infections

Cellular Microbiology

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  • Leibniz Research Alliance INFECTIONS - AMR Infections (Speaker), -2025
  • German Center for Infection Research (DZIF; BMBF) – Thematical Translational Unit Tuberculosis (TTU-TB) Neutrophil signatures in tuberculosis, -2025
  • German Center for Infection Research (DZIF) – Medical doctor stipend
  • BMBF Africa: TB Sequel II Comorbidities, risk factors and long-term sequelae defining the individual outcome and public health impact of TB disease, -2025
  • Leibniz Research Campus EVOLung Iron metabolism genes in the interaction between microbiota, host and tuberculosis, -2024
  • ANTI-TB (BMBF; VDI-VDE) Targeted nanocarrier for anti-tuberculosis drug delivery (Speaker), -2021
  • DFG Russia-Germany Correlates of exacerbated and ameliorated pathogenesis in experimental and clinical tuberculosis, -2021
  • DFG International Graduate School 1911 Immunoregulation of Inflammation in Allergy and Infection Project B7 Cross-talk between mycobacteria and neutrophils and its impact on tuberculosis persistence, -2022
  • DFG Middle East Cooperation: with Technion, Haifa: Regulatory functions of oxidative/ antioxidative processes during host-pathogen interaction in tuberculosis
  • FLAV4AMR (; JPIAMR/BMBF) Flavodoxin inhibitors to kill resistant bacteria, -2023
  • VITALITY (; Horizon 2020; EDCTP) Vitamin D for adolescents with HIV to reduce musculoskeletal morbidity and immunpathology: an individually randomised, double-blinded placebo-controlled trial, -2024
  • ERA4TB (; Horizon 2020 IMI): European regimen accelerator for tuberculosis, - 2025
  • LPI-BT1 (Leibniz-Zentrums für Photonik in der Infektionsforschung, Basistechnologie 1): Imaging of tuberculosis and antibiotic nanocarrier, - 2025
  • PPC-FZB PlasmaplusCorona (BMBF) - Plasmabasierte Desinfektion des Respirationstraktes zur Senkung der SARS-CoV-2 Viruslast in vitro und in vivo
  • DAAD Stipend (cooperation with IIT Indore): TRPV ion transporters in tuberculosis



  • Claus Feldmann, KIT, Karlsruhe; Lea Ann Dailey, University Halle; Katharina Schwarz, ITEM, Hannover; Matthias Barz, University Leiden, NL: Targeted nanocarrier for anti-TB drug delivery
  • Esther Meyron-Holtz, Technion-Israel Institute of Technology, Haifa, Israel: Iron in tuberculosis
  • John Baines, MPI for Evolutionary Biology, Plön: Microbiota in infection and immunity
  • Albert Haas, University of Bonn: Trafficking of intracellular bacteria
  • Albert Sickmann, ISAS, Dortmund; Frank Schmidt, Weill Cornell Medicine, Qatar; Moran Benhar, Technion-Israel Institute of Technology, Haifa, Israel: Proteomics of host - pathogen interactions
  • Wolfgang Streit, University Hamburg: Mixed biofilms Stenotrophomonas maltophilia
  • Christine Rhode, Johannes Wittmann, DSMZ, Braunschweig: Phages against Stenotrophomonas maltophilia
  • Bernhard Hube, Sascha Brunke, HKI, Jena: Candida in mixed bacterial biofilms
  • Alexander Apt, Vladimir Yeremeev, Central Institute for Tuberculosis, Moscow 107564, Russia; Properties on susceptibility and resistance in tuberculosis
  • Thomas von Woedtke, Sander Bekeschus, INP, Greifswald: Cold plasma as anti-infection therapy
  • Avinash Sonawane, IITI, Indore, India: TRPV ion transporters in tuberculosis host responses & new anti TB compounds
  • Andrea Rachow, LMU, München; Robert Wallis, The Aurum Institute, Johannesburg, SA: Biomarkers for post tuberculosis disease prediction
  • Natalia Shubladze, Sergo Vashakidze: National Center for TB and Lung Diseases of Georgia, Tiblis, Georgia: Analysis of human tuberculosis patient tissue resections
  • Daniel Yero, Institut de Biotecnologia i de Biomedicina (IBB), Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB), Barcelona, Spain; Ralph Bertram, Jörg Steinmann, Institute of Clinical Hygiene, Medical Microbiology and Infectiology, Klinikum Nürnberg, Paracelsus Medical University, Nuremberg: Pathobiology of Stenotrophomonas maltophilia
  • Andre Franke, CAU Kiel: MHC peptide identification from tuberculosis infected cells
  • Wolfram Brune; Beatriz Escudero-Perez: LCI funded joined PhD projects (Dallenga)