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Biomolecular Data Science in Pneumology

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The group’s research is based on sequencing data and Bioinformatics methodology and covers the Genomics, Transcriptomics and increasingly also Epigenomics and Epitranscriptomics fields. Respective OMICs data are integrated and linked primarily to genetic variation aiming toward a systems understanding of lung diseases.


Selected ongoing projects

  • Genetic risk estimation and disease prediction using machine learning
  • Tool development, e.g. for variant or haplotype visualization
  • Nanopore direct DNA and RNA sequencing data analyses, e.g. RNA modification detection
  • Genomic reference data

Please get in contact if you consider working with us, for example for Bachelor or Master theses, Ph.D and postdoc opportunities or collaborations!


High-performance computing (HPC) infrastructure

The group harmonizes, administrates and extends a high-performance computing (HPC) infrastructure to offer it to all research groups at FZB. It allows to analyze and store data from all short and long-read sequencing-based investigations performed in-house. The group is currently setting up an accompanying center-wide FAIR raw sequencing data management.



We provide consulting on HPC, OMICs experimental setup, computational methods, and data management for all researchers at FZB (Time slots available on Tuesdays).



We provide workflows for OMICS analyses of high demand at FZB and respective training. Current efforts focus on bulk short-read RNA sequencing data analysis.