Priority Research Area Infections

Microbial Interface Biology

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  • Isolation and cultivation of primary immune cells  
    • murine bone marrow derived macrophages
    • human monocytes
    • human monocyte-derived macrophages
    • humane alveolar macrophages
  • Infection of primary cells with M. tuberculosis (Mtb) under BSL3 conditions  in vitro
  • Magnetic isolation and characterization
    • Mtb-containing intracellular  compartments
    • macropinosomes
  • Isolation und functional characterisation of lipid droplets 
  • CRISPR/CAS9 in human immune cells
  • Transfection of human macrophages
  • Quantitative RT-PCR (Light Cycler)
  • Histology and immunohistochemistry
  • Flow cytometry of mycobacteria and Mtb infected immune cells (BSL3)
  • Aerosol infection of immunocompetent and gene deficient mice with Mtb
  • Step wise identification of novel compounds with antimycobacterial activity
    • 96-well format based anti-Tb activity tests using GFP- und mCherry-expr. Mtb (H37Rv)
    •  Macrophage cytotoxicity tests using real time impedance measurements (xCelligence)
    • Activity tests using M. tuberculosis-infected human primary macrophages
    • Activity tests against drug susceptible, MDR and XDR-Mtb clinical isolates (in coop. with Dr. Doris Hillemann, National Reference Center) (MGIT format)