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DZIF Tuberculosis Course 2023

Flights, train connections and hotel rooms booked... ; buses organized, catering confirmed... ; name badges prepared... , programs printed... . Anne Oleischeck, project assistant in the Clinical Infectious Diseases Research Group at the Borstel Research Center, goes through her list one more time. "We'll print the programs again," she decides, "there were still important changes in the last few days."

Preparations for the Clinical Tuberculosis course of the German Center for Infection Research (DZIF), on 01 and 02 June 2023 at the Research Center Borstel.

For the past 10 years, the tuberculosis course at the Research Center Borstel has been held in the first half of June of each year, and each time so far there has been good weather. This is important for the evening program with the food truck in front of the manor house, a cheerful garden party with music and Ultimate Frisbee on the house lawn.

Anne Oleischeck and the Clinical Tuberculosis (ClinTB) team at DZIF were not only lucky with the weather in 2023. Blue skies, lots of sunshine but above all outstanding national and international speakers and an engaged audience (120 participants) met at the fully booked tuberculosis course in the manor house of the research center.

In addition to updates on epidemiology, prevention, diagnostics and therapy, there was something for all participants, from basic research highlights, a "science slam" by young PhD students, state-of-the-art lectures on key topics and clinical case presentations. A two-day firework display on the latest scientific developments and clinically relevant topics in the field. Among the scientific highlights was the lecture by Professor Sebastien Gagneux, internationally renowned evolutionary biologist in the field of mycobacteria from Basel. The President of the International Union against Tuberculosis and Lung Diseases, Professor Guy Marks from Sydney, also joined via video conference to explain the "Union's" strategy for reducing the global incidence of tuberculosis.

Particularly impressive was the courageous Dr. Olha Konstantynovska - Visiting Professor at the DZIF TB Course 2023 at the Research Center Borstel - who reported on the impact of the war in Ukraine on her patient care. She had previously traveled over 3 days from Kharikv to attend the DZIF TB course.

"With the manor house of the research center, the impressive rooms and the beautiful garden, we are privileged to be able to hold such events in Borstel. Colleagues come because of the quality of the event but also because of the very special atmosphere. They are already asking for the date for 2024. I am very pleased that our guests feel so comfortable with us. Many people are involved in this success, not only Anne Oleischeck and the entire Clinical Infectious Diseases team, but also the many colleagues at the Research Center who either actively participate or support us in the kitchen, in the garden, with the technology, with press relations and in our administration, so that everything runs so smoothly," sums up Professor Christoph Lange, Head of the Clinical Tuberculosis Unit at DZIF.


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