Press Releases 2023

Prof. Christoph Lange new Clinical Lead of the consortium UNITE4TB

With 30 international partners and 20 study sites in Africa, Asia, Europe and South America, the UNITE4TB consortium is building the largest study platform for clinical evaluation of anti-tuberculosis drugs in history.

After 2 ½ years, Professor Christoph Lange, Medical Director at the Research Center Borstel, followed Professor Guy Thwaites from the University of Oxford on October 01. 2023 as Clinical Lead of the consortium. He is now part of the four-member board that oversees UNITE4TB's activities. UNITE4TB is funded jointly as an EU-IMI project with 185 million Euros from the European Commission and the pharmaceutical industry.

Apart from the consortium leadership, the Research Center Borstel is also involved in biomarker evaluation and molecular prediction of antibiotic resistance in UNITE4TB. In total, approximately 3000 patients are expected to be enrolled in clinical trials by 2028, with the first ones starting as early as November 2023.


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