Press Releases 2024

Congratulations! Borstel Scientist Receives DGHM Advancement Award 2024

Prof. Dr. Caroline Barisch has been honoured for her scientific work investigating and analysing the virulence strategies employed by the bacterium Mycobacterium tuberculosis to create optimal conditions for its intracellular replication.

From June 2-5, 2024, Würzburg hosts the 76th Annual Conference of the German Society for Hygiene and Microbiology (DGHM), which is also the 7th joint meeting with the Association for General and Applied Microbiology (VAAM). This is the largest conference in Germany, focusing on microbiology, hygiene, and infectious diseases, where leading national and international experts present and discuss the latest findings in microbiological and hygiene research and applications.

During this conference, the DGHM also awards various prizes and honours. These include the main and research awards, bioMérieux Diagnostic Award, BD Research Award, doctoral student prizes, DGHM Lecturer Award, and the Ferdinand Cohn Medal, which were presented at the opening of the 4-day event.

This year, Prof. Caroline Barisch from the Research Center Borstel, Leibniz Lung Center, had the honour of receiving the DGHM Advancement Award, endowed with 3,500 euros, for her research on the molecular mechanisms by which pathogenic mycobacteria manipulate the lipid metabolism and lipid transport pathways of their host to ensure their intracellular survival. To investigate the relevant lipid transport pathways, Caroline Barisch and her team use advanced high-resolution microscopy methods combined with metabolic tracing and mass spectrometry-based lipidomics.

After receiving her PhD at the University of Kassel and a postdoc at the University of Geneva in Prof. Dr. Thierry Soldati's lab, Caroline Barisch led the "Molecular Infection Biology" division in the Biology/Chemistry Department of the University of Osnabrück as a junior group leader starting in 2019. There, she was a founding member of the Collaborative Research Center SFB1557 "Functional Plasticity Encoded by Cellular Membrane Networks." In December 2022, she accepted the professorship for the "Biology of the Interactome in Dysbiosis" at the University of Hamburg, in cooperation with the Research Center Borstel, Leibniz Lung Center (FZB). In summer 2023, her lab moved to the CSSB (Center for Structural Systems Biology) in Hamburg.

Congratulations on this outstanding achievement!

We also warmly congratulate our former Advisory Board Chairman, Prof. Dr. Sven Hammerschmidt, on receiving the DGHM Main Award.

Awardees of this year's DGHM Annual Conference. (Photo: DGHM)