Dr. rer. nat. Patricia Sanchez-Carballo
Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter
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04537 / 188-3670

Weitere Informationen

Weitere Informationen:

Patricia is a biochemist, Spanish born but world citizen. She got her degree in Physical Chemistry at the University of Santiago de Compostela (Spain), and her Master in New Materials at the University of Kent at Cantebury (UK) before moving to Germany, where she achieved her PhD at the University of Lübeck. Since then, she has been working at the Research Center Borstel in different research groups, firstly focusing on structural analyses of biomolecules (RGs Immunochemistry and Structural Biochemistry) and to move into a new field from 2015 in immunology (RG Clinical Infectious Diseases). 2022 she started to get actively involved in the Postdoc Initiative at the Research Center Borstel as Spokesperson, taking the challenge to transfer the ideas and hopes of the this collective further in the academic system.